Unlock New Levels of Influence

RaiseFluence is a new platform specifically designed to help people transition from popular Instagrammer to active influencer. We are creating a community that is helping one another achieve growth and monetization.

What’s more, we are helping brands get on board with the future of marketing. 

RaiseFluence works with brands to connect them to the best influencers and create tailored content for their campaigns. From strategy to content creation and execution to reporting. We'll be with you step-by-step.

RaiseFluence manages a premium roster of Influencers who are carefully vetted and ready to participate in campaigns.



We understand you.


Our team of campaign specialists will work with you closely to seal the deals from top brands. We will always treat you the way you should be treated.

Why? Because our specialists are influencers too with hundreds and thousands of followers.

You will always have the creative control.

You don't need to have millions of followers to be part of our network. What we look for are people who love creating content. It's time you get paid for it.

We'll never see you as a number. We'll always see you as an Influencer.

We want to get to know you. Contact us to be part of the RaiseFluence network and start working with brands!



Let us do the heavy lifting.


RaiseFluence specializes in Instagram and influencer marketing and has a proven track record of executing campaigns. 

With our roster of talented influencers with over 100 million followers, we'll match you with the right influencers that authentically align with your goals.


Because our campaign specialists are also influencers with over hundreds & thousands of followers.

We're able to give you a unique perspective both from an influencer point of view as well as a campaign specialist.

We can also help you optimize and manage your Instagram profile to increase your engagement. Guaranteed.


What We Do


As Instagram specialists, we help craft personalized strategies specific to your brand that will deliver more followers and higher engagements.


We amplify your events using location-specific influencers and encourage conversations using personalized branded-hashtags


Our network of high-quality influencers will promote your brand or product to their audience and create exclusive content that you can repurpose on your social platforms.


How We Do It


We work to understand your specific needs and objectives in order to deliver above and beyond expectations.



Our influencer specialists will select influencers curated specifically just for your brand to deliver the most authentic and compelling content for your brand.



Influencers will share their exclusive content and boost brand awareness as well as other campaign-specific goals of your brand.



We will handle post-campaign analytics and monitor your key performance indicators.


Who We've Worked With

RaiseFluence helped us from strategy to execution. They took our Instagram followers and engagement to a level I couldn’t have imagined. In about 3 months, our followers grew from 0 to 6,000! Our online store sales took off from there as well.
— Li Liu, Business Owner



RaiseFluence Launched By Social Media Influencer AJ Cartas To Provide Specialized Influencer Marketing Services

Published January 8, 2018 on NBC12.com

Interview With Instagram Influencer AJ Cartas

Published January 5, 2018 on BuzzFeed.com

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Barack Obama through a magnifying glass courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

3 Reasons Why You Should Work With Micro-Influencers

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